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Hi, welcome to the Lifestyle AI - Nutritionist & Healthy Meal Planner testing family

Android & iOS: Lifestyle AI is a personal nutritionist that delivers perfectly tailored meal plans and food options to you. We use machine-learning algorithms to learn about your personal profile & tastes so that our food recommendations will always bring you one step closer to your fitness and nutrition goals. Our foods include a mix of takeaways, ready-to-eat/cook meals, and recipes. Here of some of the top features: Convenient Meal Recommendations Lifestyle AI will deliver convenient food recommendations for each meal, dynamically adjusted to suit your profile. For every meal, we'll give you several options to choose from which are always tailored precisely to you and the progress you’re making towards your goals. Our food recommendation gives you recipes along with takeaways and ready meals you can get from retailers in your area. Or if you'd prefer, you can enter your own meals and they'll be recommended back to you when they suit you best. Forget having to rely only on time-consuming recipes to live a healthy lifestyle, we can integrate into even the busiest of schedules! Powered by Machine Learning Our set of advanced algorithms will constantly be adjusting to bring you as close as possible to your goal. We'll also learn what you like along the way, so the process isn't an unsustainable diet but rather a lifestyle tweak with amazing results. Simply tell us your goal (e.g. lose 10 pounds by summer), and we'll handle the rest. All your nutrition will be planned out by the algorithm - every meal we give you will bring you one step closer! Calorie counter, food tracking, fitness tracking & more Lifestyle AI is also completely featured with everything you need in a calorie counter and fitness app. Manually add foods from our extensive database, create your own and track several macros and nutrients - all for free! We can also track your exercise habits, weight, and body fat, and then use this information to adjust your meal recommendations so that you're always getting the perfect fit. Other Features Include: - Meal recommendations with up to 15 different options per meal - Automatic machine-learning driven nutritional management - our algorithm will determine your precise needs, with daily updates - Food tracking with an extensive food database - Food verification - no more inaccurate food entries! - Free tracking of all macronutrients - Import data from other fitness apps - Alcohol tracking - track alcohol accurately as a separate macronutrient - Track your exercise and search our extensive exercise database - Track your weight and body fat over time

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